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Fulton County, Illinois Woods riding

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I just returned from West/Central Illinois where I went to do some suspension testing with the Walker Brothers Racing and Bentz Racing RZR's. We changed a lot of different setups around and got all 4 working pretty well. I also learned a lot first hand about Mid-West Woods riding. It is a blast!!!!! It is tight, greasy slick and demands great car control to be able to manuver the tight trail with any kind of speed. The first time up in the woods as a passenger made me a bit anxious because Josh Walker was ripping it up through trails that were made by/for quads and we were in a +4 at about 61". Plus we didn't have the car quite dialed in right and it was my first time in the woods ever.:scared2::scared2::scared2:

Once we finallly finished dialing in the cars we did some play riding. What a blast. I took some video with my phone that I will try to figure out how to get on the site. Not a great video but a taste of what it is about, especially for the us Western Boys. I finally got some wheeltime in the woods at speed. Took to it like a duck to water. I can't wait to get back there and do it again. So now when you Eastern guys tell me you woods ride, I know just what your talking about.:)
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I am that Farmer and I really enjoyed the guys that visited our chunk of the earth. quite the machines they build , and I enjoyed trying to keep up with them on my 2010 850XP. Thank you to Gabe, Steve and crew for coming out, and sampling what we have to offer. Hope to see you again.
Hey gang. I am happy to report a couple of things. trails are pretty clear, and we have now widened the east loop so that jeeps can get through, so there should be plenty of room for the RZR runners. the goal is to have it at least 12' wide where possible, with some areas that will remain one lane only, and some areas where passing will be possible. does anyone have software to be able to run on a GPS to track and load a map of the trails into a program, pc or another GPS ?
Also, as of November 6th, the east coast hunting crew will be moved in and the land will be a hunt only for at least 3 weeks. bow into shotgun.. After that, I will call you and let you know it is open again for riding purposes.
Thanks, will keep that in mind. we have some up now, showing difficulty of trails, green thru red, and add blue for the water ones. It only makes sense. We currently have trails on close to 100 of the 140 acres. mild to wild. There seems to be a little bit of everything .... its all fun...

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