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Front wheels on rear, what do you think.

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Has anyone tried running four of the stock 12x6 (4+2 offset) rzr LE crusher wheels? The reason i ask is my concern for the width of the machine versus buying new aftermarket wheels which is 7 or 8" wide and have a 4+3 offset or more. Technically if you use a front wheel on the back it would be the same as having a 2" spacer but without the added width, right? Stock rear is 6+2. I'm going to try it this weekend, with my one inch spacers and a front wheel on the back it should be the same as having a 3" spacer but only adding 2" to the machine width. Then by running 4 of the same tires like a 28x10-12 maxxis zilla you can rotate tires front to back eliminating the rear wearing or front scrubbing faster. Just some thoughts, what you guys think. Not to mention one size spare.
Ok so I put the front tire on the rear with 1" spacers and theres lots of clearance for a set of 28x10-12 all around and i know thats not a big deal but the machine is still 50" wide however, which seems to be every trail riders objective. I can even go with 1.5 " spacers and have even more room and still be narrow, now its to decide how tall on the front without rubbing the floorboard.
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Otay dunno if I was drunk or my meds were on overload but I ended up putting the rears on the front and the fronts on the rears and I suffered no rubbing or any problems at all in very rugged off trail terrain as well as high speed road terrain.

Hope I dun helped ya out......................................over
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