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Front tow hook

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Any one know where i can get a front tow hook that will work with a winch and front bumper i don't whant to hook a tow strap
to the winch hook thank for any help
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im new at this.. now keeping the shackle in the glove box.
rubber stopper $3 or $4 at Ace.
storing a tow strap back in the lock and ride.

note: just rode in 5 states and assisted about that many other RZRs.
everyone had straps and bumpers.
my shackle never saw daylight.


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I'd much rather tow from a lower point in the center of the vehicle than from a bumper bolted to the machine.
agreed here - all of mine were fairly "low force" pulls so was lazy and used the bumper.

one exception, mounting high -to the top cage crossbar - just did the escalator in Moab. the people who may assist you are up to 15' over your head.

have it on video, anybody got the stomach?
In fact, it's usually wise to have a strap pre attached up high on the cage "just in case"...
agreed again - watched every Moab Esacalator video 2 or 3 times knowing i was headed there and would try it and BETTER REMEMBER to have a mount up high before strapping in and approaching the base.
basically i forgot.

mr. rzrs900cc - made that out of scrap brushed aluminum, old fashioned way with sharpie markers, strip sanders, etc. hold it up there 20 times, you know.
Warn decal is fake, i own a sign shop and their logo was an a package of licensed logos.
Looks super nice I'm going to have to try that. I have 1/4" aluminum that I made my own lift with and parking brake for the rzr so I was allready thinking of copying you...lol!
only hard part is the dual radius or "spherical shape" it ends up, if you want it on there seated just right. that part cannot be flat. i beat it with my fist off the edge of a bench.
there are stainless flat washers behind the stainless 10-24 screws.

call it 2 hour, 2 beer.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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