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Well I guess that is not entirely true, I did put on a set of SATV nerf bars on a couple weeks ago.

I ordered FUTV 3/8" skid and CV guards.

Man, you talk about taking some time to get that skid plate on, geez. Only 30 pounds right, until your on your back and trying to get it in place. Luckily I had a short set of car jack stands and was able to use of them to wedge under and get the skid up in the air.

The skids look sweet, SO much better than that factory piece of crap. I would suggest to anyone that has not put skids on yet to use a set of 4 car ramps if you borrow a set and use your own set, it would have made things much easier for me as all I had was 2 sets of car jack stands and a 4 ton floor jack.

Tonight, the CV guards get installed, it seems the easiest way to put these on is to remove the tires, the instructions do not indicate that but after some time trying to install the rear guards it was pretty obvious.

Thank you Factory UTV and SuperATV.

No pics for the skids, just no good picture to post. CV Guards, sure I can do that, nothing special I am sure.

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