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EBAY 4 progressive Shocks HD WARNING!

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Seller: jl2incorporated

Went on Ebay and looked at buying a set of Progressive Shocks (brand not spings) Needed a little better than stocks while eating Mud and plowing snow till I save up for a piggyback set when I move to the lower 48. So I check out this auction from the seller with $567.50 Buy it Now.. Cool, But I MUST email him first as I live in Alaska and I need to get a shipping quote (i know shipping can be more) So thats what I do! I email him.. I get the quote, sounds good, Buy it Now, Pay instantly.. Auction say Item ships 4-5 days after auction ends..

I bought them right after he emailed me the quote... I had to email him a copy of his own email??

I get an email today.. 9 days after the auction ends asking for $72 more and he will ship out my shocks..Congradulations???

I will keep you all updated.. WOW I wish I would have joined this forum a few weeks ago!! But thats what this place is for... waiting..
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I bought mine off ebay with no problems.
Im still waiting for a responce, I said to ship them or Refund? I still wouldnt leave NEG as it could be a mistake? Ive only left 1 NEG in 8 years to a guy shut down by ebay for fraud.. Did you order from the SAME person?? I just dont get it?
Just an update, I just got a PalPal response saying "shipped" so that's fine, but it not.... I sent the shipping amount request for AK zip 99xxx I'm Now worried that some guy on the other end might be eating a loss in money because a mistake was made. I have had sellers make the mistake of thinking that AK means Arkansas and they don't run my zip code when i sent the shipping request, then when an item comes to being shipped it's literally 5x as much! I can't in good faith let something like this happen if the shipping was in fact $72 more than initially quoted. If it was, I wouldn't have bought through that seller, I offered to just cancel the auction no hard feelings, All POS feedback, if they are going to loose money.. I just want to know what's going on.. Why was I contacted on a for more money? Above all, No parties should walk away upset.. It's hard enough finding people willing to ship to Alaska! I'll keep you all posted..
Just a comment: I always send the exact zipcode "55555" plus the state,
just in case that helps out with shipping quotes. Plus we're near the state line and "stuff" sometimes comes out of a different hub.

Good Luck
I always do, but I guess I better spell out A-L-A-S-K-A and not say AK 99XXX its just too hard for some??

I couldnt get this guy on the phone ...I didnt get any reply other than.. JL issue resolved, Sent.

& This guy has #50 feedback score @ 98 percent pos, He is relatively new, But hey I sent an email giving them the option to either opt out and/or just TALK to me.. I would have considered a split of the higher shipping, but 9 days after I win the auction I get... "Congradulations! send $72 more bucks" come on.. Lastly I didnt know that If your a seller now and you agree to sell USA, you cant "opt" out of selling to AK, HI, And PR? and it really doesnt give you a shipping adjustment option for these places so you must either "opt" out in the description, OR include the ALL important "magic" bullet..AK, HI, and PR shipping is $XXX$ more/extra or please contact before buying or biding!
For you Power Sellers on here. IS that TRUE? Latest update; no reply..so I guess they are shipped... (I hope they are not eh em, well "adjusted" special for me now?)

You laugh, a recent USA today Poll proved that over 50% of Americans dont know how many stars are on the Flag, 75% didnt know how many strips, 85% didnt know what the colors stood for, and 85% also didnt know what the strips stood for (guess you wouldnt know that if you didnt even know how many there were!) The SAD SAD Truth!
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So did you get the shocks? If so do you like them? Can i put my progressive rate springs from makintrax on these
Oh yeah that was done a long time ago... I never even installed them..

Yes you can put "Progressive" springs on them BUT!

Those shocks are not re-buildable, and I have since found out that you might be better off installing the Progressive springs on the stock shocks (Just some opinions out there, that I also share) and when you go to upgarde to new shocks your already half way there..or partly... But the issue is I found out they are NOT rebuildable... Now if I was staying in Alaska, I would most likely have kept them as mudding and trails is our speciality..But lately Ive been doing more river bed riding and jumping in preperation for moving to the lower 48 and upped it to the Fox Podiums...The springs are next....The Podiums are fine..But When I move I will be looking into something much more adjustable...

As for these progressive brand shocks (they are not progressive springs) I sold them up here in Alaska and they have performed MUCH better than the Stocks (not that it is that hard).... Good luck to you...
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