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EBAY 4 progressive Shocks HD WARNING!

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Seller: jl2incorporated

Went on Ebay and looked at buying a set of Progressive Shocks (brand not spings) Needed a little better than stocks while eating Mud and plowing snow till I save up for a piggyback set when I move to the lower 48. So I check out this auction from the seller with $567.50 Buy it Now.. Cool, But I MUST email him first as I live in Alaska and I need to get a shipping quote (i know shipping can be more) So thats what I do! I email him.. I get the quote, sounds good, Buy it Now, Pay instantly.. Auction say Item ships 4-5 days after auction ends..

I bought them right after he emailed me the quote... I had to email him a copy of his own email??

I get an email today.. 9 days after the auction ends asking for $72 more and he will ship out my shocks..Congradulations???

I will keep you all updated.. WOW I wish I would have joined this forum a few weeks ago!! But thats what this place is for... waiting..
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Whenever I sell on ebay if the shipping ends up costing me more I will usually eat, but make sure shipping price is posted on the shipping label so that the person on the other end can see what I actually paid. You might see if he did the same when you get your package.
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