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Well here they are:

Dyno Results of the 902 Stroker Boosted with custom maps Ricochet Racing
I will give you the breakdown of the build, 3.90 Stroker Crank, 860cc Big Bore, Low compression pistons CP Pistons, custom grind cam, Solid Lifters and adjustable pushrods, +2 Head ported polished, & flowed, custom clutch setup Ricochet racing, Attitude fuel controller W/ 3rd injector custom fuel map Ricochet Racing, Dynatek with custom timing Ricochet Racing. First two runs engine still cold, the runs were made using pump gas 91 octane no racing fuel, a mild timing map was used because the engine only had 1 hour of runtime on it and we set the RPM to 7000. These are real numbers! Made with a Polaris engine, we set our boost at 14psi for these runs, with race gas and more aggressive maps I think we will be over the 100 mark to the wheels no problem, we will be making another run once the engine is broke in. This is posted in Wheel HP not crank Horsepower
All the item’s listed will be in our kits and available now.

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