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DYNATEK Igniton & DSRP-1 Programmer for RZR

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I have a DYNATEK ignition and DSRP-1 serial programmer with the "CurveMaker" software for advanced tuning and RPM activated nitrous. The ignition advances timing, increases the rev limit to 7000RPM and increase spark, also helping with shift out. The DSRP-1 serial programmer allows you to make adjustments on the fly to timing curves, base, mid and full throttle fuel adjustments thru pre programmed tunes. The "CurveMaker" software comes with USB adapter to hook up to laptop and do advanced tuning with timing and fuel. Only on RZR for a week and didn't fit the needs for my particular motor build so it's sittin here collecting dust. The ignition is $224.95 and the DSRP-1 is $224.95.

Asking $350 OBO which includes shipping
Located in Hazlehurst, MS
Call or text anytime 6016682911
Or email [email protected]
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Do you have a link to the manuals for these?
I'd like to read up on them before I pull the trigger.
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