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Hey All;

I just relocated to Arizona and me and a couple of friends are getting all amped up to go hit all the trails I see everywhere around me. I have a 2019 Ranger XP 900 and I'm about to come into possession of a 2018 RZR 900.

Having looked around for a replacement aftermarket polaris clutch for the ranger, I ran across that duraclutch is giving away a free kit. So I signed up for that. For those of you that have a duraclutch, did you get it direct from their website or go through a dealer - and what dealer around Scottsdale would you recommend?

I had a friend that has the duraclutch and I saw first hand what a difference it made.. so I am already sold on it, just wondering about the best place to get it. I'm comfortable putting it on myself, as I have a fair amount of experience with sled clutches.

Thanks all!
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