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I just wanted to give everyone a heads up the experience ive had so far with DRT front bumper.

I removed my polaris high clearance bumper, winch and winch mounting plates. The DRT bumper comes with a beefy winch mounting plate that also secures the bumper. The bolts that hold the bracket to the frame are very close to the edge so as you turn the bolt the points get so tight that you can't use a wrench or a socket. Also getting an open ended wrench in there isn't pretty. Be careful or your knuckles will be pissed at you. Overall that's not a major issue, just a heads up.

The real fun began when i put the bumper on, the bumper leaves a lot of both ends of the polaris winch exposed. but so did the high clearance. when i snugged all the bolts up for the bumper i realized the bumper makes hard contact with the speed knob on the head of the winch. i'm going to have to pull the bumper off and grind a good amount of material off the winch in order to damage the winch. I confirmed that it actually makes hard contact on both sides.

I can't believe this was every tested with a winch on it, or i got a bad bumper bracket, not sure which. either way it wont be fun to fix, and they aren't exactly cheap. But damn they do look good.


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