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Dragonfire Racing / Fox Testing 10/18/10

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Ok so here we go again, Dragonfire racing is once again heading out to the well know testing spot of Plaster City, CA to test out 2 new products from Dragonfire Racing. We will be testing our new +6 Black Magic Can Am 1000 Long Travel kit. This kit will have some very custom tuned 26” Fox Shocks and pulling some serious travel. There is also going to be the myth, the man, the legend, Larry Roeseler himself out there to help test his new Special edition Dragonfire Racing Larry Roeseler Teryx Long Travel Kit. I have driven this kit a bit and as it stands it’s the best UTV I have ever been in…Seriously! This kit features 24” custom Fox Shocks and with LR doing the testing this kit will be nothing short of amazing. I’ll use this thread to post up pic’s and results from the trip.

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Will do! Thanks for the props on the cage we were all super excited with how that came out.
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