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Racing Dreamz is a 501(c)3 non profit charity. Our EIN # is 90-0724144. We are registered in the state of Tenn. Our mission, basically, is to help special needs children who has that burning desire in their gut to race but due to their special circumstances feel that they may never get that opportunity. We want to help them. Lord knows I've been in their shoes before. I think we all know what it's like to yearn for something deep down inside but know that you just cant do it on your own. Well, we want to help. And so can you. Now that Racing Dreamz is finally getting some property to build the Racing Dreamz Youth Racing Complex, we need your help. My wife and I are extending every bit of credit we have in purchasing this 95 acres. We will be in debt, just for the property, for a great many years. But, it's something that we want to do. Our sacrifice is no where near what these kids go thru life with. So, if you can help, please do. It doesnt matter what you can contribute or donate, just if you can help, we will appreciate your gift. It doesnt have to be money. Others on this forum have donated their RZR seats(stock after they've replaced with aftermarket) and you wouldn't believe the improvement these RZR seats have made. It just feel right for an off road simulator.
Our needs now, mainly is cash, so we can start to build the center and shop. But if you have anything else you can donate, PM me with what you got and we'll go from there. We need anything from labor to excavation work to building materials to septic systems. You name it. We can use it. So please visit our website Donate for cash donations. PM me for all others. You will receive an IRS Tax Deduction Receipt from Racing Dreamz for your gift. The holidays are just around the corner. Help us make some kids happy with your gift.

Please note: RZR Forums has authorized us to post this. RZR Forums are in no way connected to Racing Dreamz. They are a valued sponsor of Racing Dreamz.

We have sponsorship packages and Youth Racing Packages ready for your viewing.

Thank you!! :drive1:
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