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To start off, this in not to trash anyone, simply would like to voice the experience i have recently had with your company..

I have heard nothing but great things about DRF and your products. Everyone says that the customer service in TOP-NOTCH! I purchased the HiBoy doors for my XP 900 2 seater last week. Upon opening the box, the Passanger door would not latch, it kept hitting the metal tubing (as if either the hinge wasnt mounted correctly or the tubing wasnt bent correctly). The doors has a pretty bad scratch on it near the rear end of the door as if it had been dropped. I called DFR, i was told that i needed to mount the doors to the RZR because it may straighten them out. Well, i mounted the doors and the door still hits the metal tubing. I could get the door to latch if i lifted up slightly on the door. I took my wife on a quick trail around the house and what would you know, the door flew WIDE OPEN at 50mph! It broke the limiter strap and slapped against the rzr bed. After relocking the door and LOCKING it, we returned home. The latches are rattling and making noise and seem extremely flimsy and loose! Now, before this, i have heard nothing but GREAT reviews of these doors...so i figured i would give DFR another call to see if we could exchange these doors for a new set as this set clearly has issues! Called DFR and spoke to Kevin, after explaining what has happened, he directed me to call Nick. Talked to nick and he explained he can show me how to correctly install these doors (as if im a freaking idiot and these issues are my fault). I called Kevin back to disguss an exchange of doors and he proceeded to ask me if i had CALLED FEDEX to open an insurance claim LOL! Now i live 20 miles away from DFR, it was on the fedex truck for all of 8 hrs, the box was perfect....yet its FEDEX's fault?? The wrapping of these doors were pefectly intact, i still have everything. After telling Kevin this, he told me he would discuss with the "higher ups" to see what they can do. Today i give you guys a call, Kevin acted like he barely knew what i was talking about and he proceeded to tell me how he recalls me installing the doors incorrectly? I mean for a company that has such great reviews im astonished on what is going on. He told me to contact the original dealer of the doors (which is in Oregon) because its "his Issue". Now these doors get "Drop shipped", i live 20 mins away from DFR and im being directed to go back to the dealer (which has NOTHING to do with how these doors have been messed up) and deal with him? ARE YOU GUYS EFFING KIDDING ME!!! for paying a WOPPING $720 for some doors, the condition they were in, and getting this kind of customer service???? COME ON! You guys can do better than this!

Gotta say guys, so far im not impressed....
I expect an email asap to make this right please.
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