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DDM HID's, Which Kit/Bulb Exactly Do I Order?

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I'm trying to order two HID kits (for my stock headlights) from DDM but cant seem to figure out exactly which bulbs. I have 2 '08 RZR's. I decided to go with the 55w 6000k kits. I also dont know if i need harnesses etc. Any help would be appreciated.
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Thanks for all the responses. I just ordered two 55w 6000k 880 kits. Hopefully ill get them soon. They say on their site that they are out of stock until the 27th. Ill post up pics of the installed kits when i get them. Thanks for your help. Just FYI, I called DDM today before posting and got absolutely zero help from the guy on the phone. This was my first contact with them but i wanted some answers before ordering 10 or so kits for various things i have and he wouldnt give me a single minute to ask him questions. Just told me to look on their site for info. Might not be fair to judge off one experience but thats just what i got out of them on a monday afternoon...since i couldnt get the answers i needed, i just ordered the 2 RZR kits and will have to do a little more research on my other applications first
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Darn, just got an email from DDM stating that my HID kits will be delayed. Instead of the 27th, they are shooting for the 2nd. Poop, no biggie, was just looking forward to them. Hope you guys that I spoke with won't be delayed too much longer either
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