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DDM HID's, Which Kit/Bulb Exactly Do I Order?

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I'm trying to order two HID kits (for my stock headlights) from DDM but cant seem to figure out exactly which bulbs. I have 2 '08 RZR's. I decided to go with the 55w 6000k kits. I also dont know if i need harnesses etc. Any help would be appreciated.
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Installed a set DDM HID's last weekend on my '11 s. I purchased the 55watt 6000 k's and H13 bulbs. It's alot brighter than stock. They have a slight blue hue when first turned on which turns completely white in just a few seconds. Definitely need to aim the housings right to make both low and high work effectively. When i ordered 3 weeks ago i must have got the tail end of the last batch of ballasts.

What was the difference between the standard and slim ballasts? The one's i received are fairly heavy, with crome covers. I figured these were the regular after viewing pics of others some of you guys have installed. -steve
oh i see. yeah i have the top pair. no matter they work well and i installed them cleanly in the hood compartment and they work well. thanks for pic.
For my 2011 would this be the right kit?
Raptor HID Kit, 55W, H13 High / Low, 6000K

Bulb Color: 6000K
Bulb Type: H13 Hi/Lo (+$15.00)
Wattage: 55W (+$10.00)

I know its H13 for 2011 and up, 6000k seems to be what everyone goes with for 55W. I want to retain my HI/LO beams. And do I need HID harness? I got HID for my teryx I had and it was similar to the slim ballasts with all the extra wiring, I prefer not to have any more wires around then I need so the big ballasts will work fine.
If you don't mind Ricko, I'm going to ride your coat tails...would like to hear confirmation if this is the correct set up for our '11's.
I too want the hi/lo as I'm street legal in certain states.

Two additional questions:
1. Does paying the $12.50 for the HID harness remove the need to cut/splice/adapt plugs like the old thread lists on installing this Rapter V2 setup?

2. What does 55W get you vs. the 35W? There's a larger wattage draw on the 55w, right? Color difference or just brighter light? I have the stock battery, and although I'll upgrade to an Odyssey after this stock battery runs it's course, I'd like to be able to run HID replacements, and potentially a led light bar, and maybe the ssv stereo/ipod system.
If the 35w increased the chance of running the other lights and small stereo with the stock battery and stator, I'd go that route just to be safe...

Thanks guys :)
Did you ever get your answer here?

I purchased the 55w kit with 6000K H13's. I did not purchase the harness or anything else other than just the kit. The install was straight forward and I did not have to splice anything. The only small issue i had was the seal between the bulbs and the housing was too short for the bulb to secure in place so i robbed the seals of the stock lights and stacked them on the H13's seals and it worked. When first turning the lights on the 6000K in the 55W has a slight blue hue but it turns pure white after about 15 seconds. I think it's fine, but if i did it again i would get the 5000K's, but it's not an issue. The housings do no get hot to the touch and the system does not draw any more power than the stock lights so there is no issue with the stock charging system running the HID's. I hope this helps you.

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