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Hello fellow RZR Forum Members,

We are offering a Cyber Monday Sale on all of our Inferno Lightbars. These lights have been so popular with our Fire Department customers that weve not really pushed these lights on the RZR Forums. We now have ample inventory in stock and are ready to offer you a nice discount to introduce them on the RZR forums. Please don't mistake these lights for the Totron's or lower end light bars. I have seen the totrons on action and they are good lights for the money, but these lights are in a different category. Weve run these lights against all the very expensive lightbars available and these have been equal to or greater than all of them. Our single row lights are adjustable with 3 modes of adjustability and a strobe mode. For the exact specs, please visit

Great Plains Offroad.

We have been primarily selling our lights to Fire Departments for use on their offroad vehicles, rescue vehicles and even their engines. They have replaced their scene lighting with our low amperage draw single row LED's. We have sold these lights to some members on here and I would be happy to share their information with you so they can give you their rave reviews.

The Cyber Monday Sale is good until Midnight tonight. We must have a PM from you with what lightbar your interested in to lock you in for the 10% discount.

The light in this picture was taken by one of our customers. This is just the 10" Single Row LED. Since our lights use 10w Cree LED's we are able to produce almost as much light as most 30" Double Row lights available.

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