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We are not a"Bandwagon" company that simply buys into a product then promotes it. First and foremost we like to think out of the box. Second, we design develop and test all of our products in house. Third, we like to do independent testing with enthusiasts and racers in the most extreme environments prior to publishing any results, or offering a product.

Let's get to the point.... Our "Quick Draw" for the XP1000 and our "CVT Blaster" for the XPT have proven results on the trail and on the track. It is currently the only kit on the market that adds an additional volume of cooling air to the CVT drive system, which results in dramatic drops in belt temperature. Yes our kits are more involved when it comes to the installation, but for good reason, there is simply no other way to add the extra volume of cooling air to the CVT system!

How dramatic are the results? Well here you go..... Dirt Wheels magazine did extensive testing and evaluation of our "CVT Blaster for the XPT. You can expect similar results from our "Quick Draw" for the XP1000.

Here is the link to the article on line


CVT Blaster II

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