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Correct way to measure compression?
I have the 09 RZR-S with full hand controls reduced to $9500 in classified section.

Stumpduster sent me this pm today:

Stumpduster said:
Brian, nice looking ride your selling but just thought I point out depending upon your testing method 120lbs of compression is well below the 150lb spec. Many might be reading this as needing some work.
Good luck!
I have been told/taught you read compression after the second stroke.
second stroke measures 120lbs.
If you continue to crank it for a total of 4 or 5 strokes it reaches 145lbs.

Now I'm not sure which method is correct.
All I know is it still runs strong!!! Please Advise. Thanks

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The correct method is.....
ECU unplugged, Wide open throttle, crank until the gauge tops out and won't go any higher. Release the pressure with the button on the hose and try it again to see if it comes up the same again. It should be 165-185 lbs. for your motor if it is stock. Each cylinder should be within 10% of each other.
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