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OK... I definitely need the 50" width and the RZR is the only game in town. I had a deposit on one 6 months before they came out and then got my money back when I saw all of the initial problems. I have an 08 700 Rhino set up just the way I like it. It has 2,400 mileas on it and despite the brutal pounding I give it each time out I've only replaced brakes and now the front wheel bearings have gone. I have a sheave so I get 50mph which is plenty fast but like most Rhino owners more power would be better. I also had a 450 Rhino that I logged over 4,500 bruatl miles on with no real problems.

So I went looking at RZRs yesterday and the S is gorgeous but just too wide...too bad they didn't keep it at 55" for me. I saw a base RZR and I think another that was an LE. I have the itch but here is what concerns me... so help me out.

The plastics seem like they would get pretty banged up the way I bounce off of trees from time to time.

The air cleaner was a big problem initially so is it fixed now ?

Lack of engine braking

Lack of a parking brake

Less ground clearance. I run 27x9x12s at 15psi all the way around in my Rhino and still get stuck sometimes. So how do I get by on only 10" or how do I get more ? Is there a good lift that won't strain the joints ?

Polaris dependability although I hear they are getting much better now ?

The strength of the frame and suspension components and the underside. Will it hold up as well as the Rhino ?

The belt system... The Rhino belts are a non-issue because they don't disengage and re-engage.

I have a Swisher plow which needs a fron receiver to mount on.

No bumpers.

Is there a good full/half door setup available at a reasonable price because I want a full enclosure for winter.

I'm being sincere here and not trying to flame anything and I know many of you have made the switch from a Rhino so I value your opinions.

Please feel free to weigh in ?


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Well first to my mind.....is the 2 machines Rhino and RZR are nothing alike...in a lot of ways
The RZR is a sport riding machine and the Rhino is a work/riding machine...

I drove a 660 Rhino up at the Ranch last year for a week....and I hit more trees on the trails then I ever have with the RZR.....as of right now no trees on the RZR..but give me time...sure it will happen...yes the belt system is not the same....but most don't have a problem with the Polaris belt unless in in deep water or mud...but I can see your concerns with it....
the RZR is not a work horse...snow plows, towing....just not it's cup of tea...I like the Rhino....but I wanted a fast and fun sporty machine to ride...so the RZR fit the bill more for me...now as for a more work horse and ground clearance Look at the Polaris Ranger...great clearance and more bed space...built to work and play like the Rhino...and I would have to say...the seats are great...ride in that sucker all day...now it's true it is wider then the RZR like the Rhino....
best thing to do is weigh it all out and pick the best machine for your needs...I trail ride....period...no farm, no pulling...in the south...very little snow...or none...so no plow...
The RZR was the best choice for me coming off a ATV.. and wanting a side by side....I like the power...I like being able to take my wife along and be able to talk to her....hard to do on The Rhino

just my 2 cents worth....

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Hey RuralJersey, I just made the jump from my trusty dependable Rhino to a RZR. I have been watching them and now that the S is out, I just could not resist.

As for 27" tires...I would try to get away with 26's on a 50" chassis with no lift. Try that first. They are low, but they are so different than Rhinos that they are just worth the loss of ground clearance. The handling and performance is unreal.

My Rhino was a 50 mph one too, but this RZR gets to 50 so fast and easy. 55-60 on my 4 takes a real road and a lot of run time, so that is not that big of a positive. Handling and ride on the 4 because of the S suspension is above and beyond the Rhino.

Plowing. I don't see it. I would not do it due to the belt deal, but if you can't keep the Rhino for those duties, then you can make it work. I saw a receiver bumper the other day...I think it was Hunterworks.

I just got a full skidplate. I know even with the S suspension the underside will get wasted without it, so plan on that expense. Mounting a winch is cheap though, as they made a spot on the frame, all you need is a $100 mount.

I don't think these are as reliable as a Rhino, but the fun factor is 10x. Worth it to me.

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Here's my honest review as a former Rhino owner, and Yamaha fanatic, turned RZR owner.

The fit and finish of the Rhino is better. Hands down. The trim plastics on the Rhino are of a much harder material, and don't scratch as easily as they do on the RZR. I had 300 miles on my Yamaha Rhino 700, and it didn't have a noticeable scratch on it. I have 300 miles on my RZR, and the trim plastic is very soft, and already has several large gouges in it. I took my Rhino places that I haven't taken my RZR that were far more technical, and it held up. That being said, I haven't had any significant problems with my RZR either, with the exception of a few peeves I have with the drivetrain, and the fit and finish. I never had to worry or wonder about reliability with my Rhino though, and I do worry about my RZR holding up as well as the Rhino did. The transmission in the RZR compared to the Rhino leaves much to be desired. Shifting isn't as smooth as the Rhino, and at times may even seem sloppy/clunky in comparison. Most of that is due to the lack of a parking brake, but the Yamaha tranny is definitely smoother shifting. How Polaris blew that, I'll never understand.

As far as the RZR Frame, I think it's more than sufficient and strong enough for a good beating, but it could use reinforcement if you're planning on jumping it, or really taking it to extremes.

If you're wanting an enclosure for winter, I don't think you're going to find a very elegant solution for the RZR.

Engine braking was kind of a disappointment for me in switching from a Rhino to a RZR. I miss that a lot.

The parking brake issue can be fixed with the aftermarket. In fact, that's one of the things I like the most about my RZR is the aftermarket support. The aftermarket for the Rhino is a bit boring in comparison.

If you're planning on using your side by side for plowing, I don't think the RZR is going to be your best choice. I don't think it would hold up as well.

Overall, if you're using your SXS for strictly trail riding, and sport, get a RZR. IF you want something that's (in my opinion) more reliable, and better suited for all around activities such as trail riding, and utility (such as plowing) I would stick with the Rhino.

I love my RZR-4, but only because it's used only for sport and recreation, and it solved a problem for me that Yamaha could not. A Factory 4 seat option. If I had to use my RZR for utility as well as for recreation, I think I'd be disappointed. When I sold my Rhino, I sold it with a plow setup, and I would never consider using my RZR to plow with.

In the end, I wouldn't trade my RZR-4 for a Rhino. I do love the bigger motor, and the sportiness/handling of the RZR (specifically with the "S" style suspension) but I miss the trail-ability of the Rhino. The primary reason I made the switch is because I wanted a factory 4-seat option to keep my kids safe. Although I had a very nice setup with my Rhino, and the backseat, I love the feeling of security of having my kids in factory seats and seatbelts.

In the end, you have to decide whats best for you.

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Not much to add to the above excellent replies...except...I do plow with mine and it does a great job. Personally I wouldn't do it commercially, on unfamiliar surfaces--the frame is too light to take a serious hit. For the drives & street I use it for it's fantastic. Does a better job than my JD tractor - and does it faster & lots more fun.
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