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Come -a - Long or hand winch

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Does any one use or carry a come a long or hand winch?
I had some extra synthetic winch line. So I bought a 2 ton come a long and took off the wire rope and put on the synthetic rope.
I will keep it in the cargo box and hope I never need to use it.
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Planning on getting one of these rope pullers. Tipped over recently when alone and had to pull in favors. Could have easily put it back on its wheels with one of these.

Only question; how long of rope should I get? 50' or 100' ?
I've never used an electic winch for off-roading, but I don't know how having a winch on the front end could help me get back upright. I know about blocks and straps, but if I had a come-a-long, I could have just pulled it up from the right side from a mesquite tree off in the short distance.

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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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