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Greetings! We are the Stay The Trail Ambassadors

Hopefully you have heard of Stay The Trail before. Right?

Well, if not, we are all about responsible OHV trail use here in Colorado. Our Ambassador program is an opportunity for anyone to help us spread that message and do some emergency trail maintenance.

The program builds off of the existing support OHV enthusiasts have shown for the Colorado Trail Patrol. Those previously trained individuals will be rolled into the new system. For new volunteers, we hold online training sessions every few weeks. Check our online calendar for the next upcoming time HERE. All you need to do is register for a session, then log in when the time rolls around.

Our volunteers are encouraged to keep doing what they love, Get out there and ride. You can help your OHV trails anytime you are out riding, no need to stop doing what you love.

Being role models while they are out on the trails is the best way to reinforce responsible trail ethics with other enthusiasts. Volunteers are prepared and encouraged to speak with other enthusiast’s they meet on the trail regarding responsible OHV use. Peer-to-peer reinforcement is crucial in cultivating a statewide culture of stewardship. Stay The Trail educational material is provided for volunteers to carry with them. When you meet someone on the trail or trailhead, it is always a teachable moment.

Trail conditions change on a weekly basis. Volunteers have access to an online reporting system where they can upload photos and GPS waypoints of maintenance and signage issues. Active monitoring quickly alerts land managers to issues in an effort to prevent an issue from becoming something larger that can jeopardize a trail’s sustainability.

Join other enthusiasts as we assist land management agencies perform needed maintenance projects. Our calendar will be a hub of information concerning all types of OHV trail projects that need more manpower. Stay The Trail staff will also be organizing unique trail clean-up events and responding to situations that need immediate assistance.

Again, all our events are posted on our website and sent out in our newsletter (which you can subscribe to here).

Send any questions you have to [email protected]. Thanks! Hope to see you on the trail.
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