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My 09 quite on me yesterday. Was having battery issues , would not hold a charge. Gave it a boost went for a short run, it started to lose power, gauge flashed then it stalled, luck for me it was on my way back. Got a new battery today codes flash in this order, .

Code 52 injector 2 : open load
short circuit to ground
short circuit to battery

code 51 injector 1 : open load
short circuit to ground
short circuit to battery

code 22 TPS: open or short circuit to ground
short circuit battery

Started cleaning up ground connections beside battery to frame, is there any other i should check, and / or is there a bigger issue i should be aware of

I am not sure if i put the EFI plugs back together correctly which one has the plug with the wire that has the black stripe coming from the cpu? front or rear injector

I had a dyatek controller hooked up at factory settings, i unhooked it for now problem did not go away.

thanks for the help

Had a loose ground and a blown fuse thinking loose ground made fuse blow ??? but it will run now but code 51 and 52 still come up
Are my enjectors shot?
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