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Hey Todd,
I have a pretty good sized group of friends that all run a similar setup machine and need to get clutching figured out.
What do you suggest for the RZR's we have with the 3 riding styles we have.
2015 XP1000, stock motors, elevations vary from sea level (sand) to 7,000' (rock crawling).
We need clutching that will 1) rock crawl well with 32" tires, 2) desert running with 32" tires, and 3) sand with 28-29" paddles.
I wanted to post this rather than calling so others that are running similar (lots in this area) could see what you recommend.
What do you suggest and what is the cost.


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I have good news and bad news

Good news, the Dalton clutch kit will do that

Bad news, every one of those conditions is a different clutch set up

When you want maximum performance then clutching gets specific.

No clutch kit or set up is going to do all of that well with same set up

So you will have to choose one set up you used most or be willing to change it for those conditions.

Or do nothing, the stock set up does everything but does none of it well. I say it is good for everyone but you all the time.

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