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Clutch for Looney Tuned Duals

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I just picked up some Looney Tuned Duals and will be putting them on sometime next week. I got the LTE fuel controller also. I am putting them on a 2009 Standard rzr with the UMP intake and I was curious if anyone who has the LTE has any advice on what I need to do for a cluch (if anything). Will this exhaust be ok without clutch mods or will I be hitting the limiter?

I primarily trail ride, climb some dunes, and occasionally play in the mud (not to often) My elevation is 2050'

I run the stock tires in the dirt and I have Doonz paddles for the sand.

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I have located a used epi looney tuned clutch kit and I am wondering if it will be worth installing, does this make a big difference?
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