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Hi from Montreal !
I just got a new Rzr Walker Evans 2010 and took it for a few rides already in some very dirty, wet and muddy roads. Yesterday by the end of the day and a very dirty ride, i turned all my lights as it was getting dark in the woods and all of a sudden as i enter a small water hole (about 6 inches deep at 10kph) the Rzr completely stopped. Of couse i was all alone and had to push the RZR out of the water, damn its heavy!!! Lucky me i had a flash light in my tool box to find out that the Chassis fuse 20 amp. was blown, the fuse did not blow dark, it just kind of melted at the tip wich means its not a big short but something pulling to much current in my opinion... i Check to see if my extra lights on top and on the alu. bumper (see pic) were connected to that fuse but no they are on the light and accesory fuse...
Good thind i had a spare in the fuse box so i just replaced it and evrything is ok now but what caused it in the beginning, any idea?
Thanks for any inputs

thats to much for the stock fuse box to handle....run your power for the lights to the battery and use a inline fuse the power for the lights also goes throught the main fuse....
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