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Can You Say Strobe!?!?

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The picture quality sucks but you get the idea. Hi lo and strobe.

BajaDesignsStealthLEDLightBars.mp4 video by Pgregrhino - Photobucket
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Those look pretty sweet! The Hi-low is a kool feature for sure.
They are a little pricey, but they have come out with something that is a little different in the LED bar game. There is not much you can do with LED bars other than make them cheap and Baja Designs has always made a quality product now they have quality and something different thats not out in the LED world yet.
Are they a mixed flood spot patten also? Or can Baja make them to order?
Yes the lense has a flood and spot pattern in it.

a flash to pass
Oh ya that would be great when your running the hill at night in a turbo RZR or APEX RZR to strobe people as you fly by them!!
They had that bar on display in strobe mode at the SSSS and it was bright as hell even in the daylight.
Yes me and the wife somehow didn't make to the Baja Designs booth at SSSS but I had made the dicision to stock these just before the show. If I would have made it to the booth I would have ordered more. I think these are going to be a great light.
what sizes are available and how much are they?
10 inch list price $429.95
20 inch list price $779.00
30 inch list price $1129.00
40 inch list price $1449.00
50 inch list price $1849.00

We are discounting the list anywhere from 7% to 8% for forum members.
do you have any pictures of the mounts?
This is the best I have.

And there should be no problem using these with them If you want a billet mount.

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1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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