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Buy a '10 or '11?

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Im going to be buying a rzr soon as I sell my sportsman and more than likely will be the trail model. Ive read the 11s have better cooling from the new front end, brighter lights, a glovebox, and i guess the trail has a h.o. motor that the other models have now too. So ive got a 9499 price on a 10 and a 10199 price on a 11. Im kind of leaning towards the 11. What do you guys think?
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11 also has new fuel injection system, upgraded transmission, new speedo with temp guage and clock, redesigned gas tank, better roll bars, stronger frame and depending on when the 2010 was built if before 5-2010 it has the upgraded other tranny parts some 2010s are having break and the new metal front sprague. The resale on a 11 over a 10 would be more than the 500.00 difference soon as you take it home.
X2 Awesome fuel mileage too. I'm really surprised how little fuel it uses.
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