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If I can keep my post from being flagged on CL, its located 47805. 812-229-2298.


Purchased 10/2016 w just over 1k miles and 100 hrs. Now has just shy of 2k miles. It has been to redbird a lot, attica, windrock twice, haspin acres, and more. I do ride and challenge it, hence the list of parts. Never been rolled, have had soft lay overs on off camber stuff. Have rubbed a few trees as well. It is by no means one of these show room vehicles, I still ride it even though I have a new single seat. Many parts were just to upgrade like A arms, others were because I wanted a better part that I didnt have to worry about. Just brought it in for winter and changed the oil with wix filter and polaris oil. Also changed out heater T fitting as it began to weep so it now has all new antifreeze coolant as well. Im yet to reinstall the boxes in the bed and it still has some mud and dirt on it from the last trip to redbird last week after the rain. I work nights so its easier to contact me in afternoons, eve, and nights. I keep track of parts, costs, and dates on my phone so I know the history of what and when something was done. So onto the list:
Satv ez power steering $802 2/11/2017
16' xp1k transmission $675
14' xp1k front diff $630 4/27/2018
RT Pro spring kit $600 5/4/2018
2 rear satv rhino 2.0 axles $450 4/28/2018
Polaris graphics sports roof $413
Rocky mtn 3/8 uhmw skid plate $400 5/30/2018
Emp nitro front bumper $360 11/2016
Satv rack and pinion $320 11/9/2017
Satv front arched offset A arms $300 4/29/2018
Satv rear arched offset A arms $300 4/29/2018
Secondary clutch for 16' xp1k $275
Satv 3" lift kit $250 4/29/2018
Superwinch 4500# $250 10/17/2018
Utv nut low profile rock sliders $250
Rev 1 primary clutch kit $250
Emp gated shifter $175
Mud buster fender flares $170
Hd extreme billet sprague $160
Hd extreme duty 2 billet armature plate $150
Hd extreme billet spring retainer $140
Maradyne dash heater $140
Duracell main battery $140 10/20/2017
Front left axle $135 11/30/2017
Fuse relay box $130 10/14/2017
Prp door bags $130
Satv front A arm gusset $100 5/4/2018
Polaris lower door inserts $100
Satv overhead bag $100
Front upper and lower ball joints $90 11/29/2017 & 12/14/2016
Thermostat bypass adapter for heater $70
2 x rear hubs $66 10/16/2016
Hunterworks secondary clutch rollers $65
Dash switch plates $50 10/13/2017
30" light bar $50 11/2016
Front led head lights $40
Heater hose T $36 10/22/2016 & 11/29/2018
Rear hub bearings x2 $36 12/31/2016
Cole hearse 100A solenoid $34 10/14/2017
New brakes $33 7/22/2017 5/15/2018 10/22/2018
4ga power and ground wire $33 3/6/2017
Satv replacement steering boots $30 5/4/2017
Brake master cyl $30 10/1/2017
Reece hitch and hook $28
Softer primary spring $24
Upgraded fan for heater $24 12/16/2016
Left Front hub bearing 10/16/2016
Right front hub bearing 12/14/2016
Dc to dc converter for heater high & low $19 10/1/2017
Headlight switch $18 11/9/2017
30" light-bar mounts $18 11/10/2016
1.75" bar clamps $18 11/10/2016
Dual usb voltmeter switch $14 11/9/2017
Rear reverse flood lights $15 10/31/2016
Winch switch $9 1/16/2017
"Rear lights" switch $6 10/19/2016
"Led light bar" switch $6 10/19/2016
Totals $9,199

Extra tidbits or parts:
Pelican case in bed
2 military nvg cans in bed
Between the seats tactical pouch
Industrial prox for reverse lights
Terminal strips under cowl
Ammo can center console
4 point harness
Full windshield
Side shields
T handle pouch
Stock 15 secondary clutch
Stock rear skid plate
Stock front diff cases
Stock front diff rings x2 (polaris and satv)
Two front diff spragues
Stock front diff output hubs
Rear half windshield
2 spare belts
Front spare hub and wheel bearing
Extra door bag
18' RS1 maxxis bighorn take offs 500mi

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