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Buckhorn OHV Park update

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The area is open to ride, however the "park" is far from being completed. We rode there last weekend, ran into a friend up there who is kind of a local.... he rides almost daily up there. He told us of places they had ran a dozer over to make the trail wider, yep we found one, miles of new trails. Our friend also spoke of a third trail head up on old #12 crossing road yet to be built, just south of Devils Den State park .The creeks are all down making crossing Lee Creek easy for now. the trails on the other side of lee creek are much rougher and technical, some I have heard of must be pretty "hairy". Rumor has it when completed there will be a camping fee and a riding fee for the park so ride for free now and enjoy it while you can . Don,t forget a national forest sticker on your atv,s only $5.00 and it's a one time fee to ride in the forest in Arkansas.
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Wow, sure nice to hear good news once in a while! We've ridden the WPG trail system and enjoyed it but it would sure be nice to have something closer to us. We're from eastern KS and that would be a nice close 1 day drive for us. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for investing all of the time and work necessary to get something like this going.

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