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I ordered a set from the E bay store a couple of weeks ago. The 35 watt set with slimline waterproof ballasts arrived 2 days later. I did a rough install just to check wire routing and placement. Start it up....Flip the switch.... Nothing. Ok, loose wire, so I double checked everything and couldn't find a problem. It's prolly happened to most of us at one time or another, you get your new toy and it doesn't work. I called Jim at BMP and he jumped right into trouble shooting. We prolly spent about 30 minutes testing each component but couldn't find the problem. He happily sent me another set and they work great..What a difference.
At any rate, I'm very happy with my lights from him, customer service and trouble shooting was great, and they seem to be a quality set up. I'm sure there are plenty other happy customers out there too.

Thanks Jim,

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