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My 2016 has done this since new. I was told the same thing it is the way they are. Last weekend I installed a SLP kit that is said to take this out of the 2016's and newer. It involves changing the ramps and spring in the primary. The ramps are weight adjustable and it says to make them 66.9 grams. Closest I could get without grinding screws was 67.1. Ramps that were in it were 60.1 grams. For the secondary the kit came with a new helix and spring and if your secondary has the square outside slides you are to replace them with round rollers. I had already changed to round rollers. When done your rpm's are to be between 7500 and 7700 at 4500 feet and above. I am at 3200 feet and saw a high rpm of 8000. The jerking is all gone. Clutch engages as smooth as our 13 800 does. and now I like the 900. It has sucked since day one. Wish I had known about this kit years ago.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts