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For all customers, whether Pitster or any other dealer, distributor or drop shipper, please read this important announcement.

When taking delivery from a trucking company, whether home delivery or dock pickup, please be sure to notate on the Delivery Receipt, ANY and ALL damages that you may see. Be sure to check the containing carton for any rips, tears, holes or what ever. Because, if there is a rip or hole, there could be the possibility of damage on the inside. For your protection, before you take delivery and sign the receipt, indicate the damage, and make sure the trucking company or driver also notates your damages. If you can see the damage to your unit, notate that also. If the carton just seems not right and you may suspect damage and you cant open the carton where you are, notate on your delivery receipt, "Possible concealed damage". I've worked in the trucking industry for 16 years from a billing clerk to a terminal manager. I've seen all kinds of damages. From the slight billing errors to the dock hands playing gorilla's in a zoo. Sometimes you cannot see the obvious damage. So, COVER YOURSELF.... NOTATE, NOTATE, NOTATE!!!!!

If you have any questions when taking delivery, call your dealer or seller. Have them talk with the trucking company representative(driver or dock person). You paid hard earned money for your toys. You deserve the very best.

If any questions, please feel free to call and ask. We're always here to help.
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