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I would think this could be mounted to the upper horizontal bar too....is this correct?
The tubing diameter is smaller on the lower bar, so at this time, the rack is designed for use on the lower bar.
The rack Looks great and would love to use it in our ''ADOPT-A-TRAIL'' program ,but mounting on the lower bar is not a option for me being I have a bed box and would need a rack up high to clear the box in the bed . I see on your web site that you sell other size tube clamps and was wondering if another size could be used . I under stand You had made one or twenty the same way to sell for only location and you would like to sell them be for they collect dust .

I have a custom ''DG'' cage and the top tube is is +/- 1''5/8 I Still have to look in to other width and height issues but this is a good start and the info might help others also .

Thank for any info , Rich
21 - 32 of 32 Posts