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ARP Ultra Torque for head bolts and other fasteners

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I saw a demonstration of this stuff on Horsepower TV today and looked up the website. It looks like it is far superior to motor oil for lubricating the threads on a fastener to ensure accurate torque readings.

If you are going to have your engine apart for any reason, I would get some of this.

ARP-bolts.com | ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant

Here is a video interview on Youtube:

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there is a ton of people that dont understand the importance of it ... it cracks me up!!
ARP are about 25.00 a stud if you think you need them!!
OK ???

OK ???


I see you are in a bit of denial on this subject LOL

Speak up if you know something on this subject. I would love to hear your opinion on the stock head bolts over ARP head studs.
I by no means ... am I arguing ... if you need them ... great .... if you dont ... thats great also. I love ARP ... they are great. But you cant blame a cylinder manufacture for not supplying them, when he sold them to a turbo kit manufacture ... and the person selling the turbo "kits" doesn't supply them in there "kit"

thats all I am saying ...
the studs cost about 25.00 per stud ... the kits are being sold for 200.00 ... they make 50.00 on the kits

is what I was told!!!
Cliff ...WTH did you start here ...LOL!!!
And if you are using the factory bolts .... under the washer head as well ... it is a pretty long bolt to get torqued right!!
1 - 7 of 39 Posts
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