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Are you happy or do you wish

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Just wondering if you ever wished you bought the Razor `S' and reasons why. I am torn between a stock 09 S 750 miles on it no winch windshield or roof $11,000 CDN, or a 09 reg Razor 800 miles with 3"lift, 30" silverbacks,clutched canvas roof,windshield and winch $12,000. I sure do not know which way to go. This will be trail riding and mud 95% of the time.
Thanks in advance for your input.
I know prices are high but in Canada we pay min 20% more than in the U.S.
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If you are dune riding I would go with the S. If mud and trails I would like the lift, those tires and spacers. I was on some trails last weekend that have not been traveled in a couple of years and was glad I had the standard. I might put a +4 of 5 on my later because I do like the looks of the wider stance plus it is better on quicker turns.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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