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anyway to tell if 09 has a clutch spacer?

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I have an early 09 and I'm wondering if there is anyway to determine if it has a clutch spacer without taking it apart. Any hints folks?

I seem to hit the rev limiter before she is done climbing speed if that tells anything.
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nope only thing done is I have a donaldson airbox and snorkel setup.
Searched all over for my manual but no luck. Mine is a very early 09. Do you think the odds are good it has one?
I guess it won't hurt to open it up and check on the belt anyway. I don't seem to get the top speed I see others talk about which leads me to believe it has one.
Mystery solved. It did indeed have one. It was an easy removal and made an incredible difference. with the spacer in and about 350lbs in it, it would go 55 when it hit the rev limiter. I just tested after removal with 475lb load and it reached 60-61. It may even climb more I just ran out of area. I'm going to take off the windshield and reduce the weight and try again.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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