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anyway to tell if 09 has a clutch spacer?

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I have an early 09 and I'm wondering if there is anyway to determine if it has a clutch spacer without taking it apart. Any hints folks?

I seem to hit the rev limiter before she is done climbing speed if that tells anything.
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Mine was built in May 09 and had the spacer.

I found your question rather interesting.....soooo, since I couldn't answer (mine is a aug 08), I just called Mike (not a forum mike) our Local Polaris tech mech head Mike.. He said that he has seen spacers in 09 through june - July...... I asked if all of them had the spacer and if the dates were exact..
He just said "honestly, I rip em' apart everyday, that's about the time frame that comes to mind"

So there are 09's w/ spacers... As for you not wanting do " all that work" it's 8 bolts man:) no big deal, then you know for sure. Then you can decide to keep it or toss it! Cheers, Mike
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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