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2021 xp4 turbo. AA stage 2 tune 32" tires
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Charles does a good job in that video of explaining and touches on a lot of the things I've been saying for years. Just because you remove the sway bars or change springs does not mean you need limit straps, limit straps are 100% unnecessary on stock suspension. There are reasons to use limits straps but they are not a "must" on stock suspension.

For guys that want articulation and still limit body roll WE links are a great comprise. I ran them on all four corners with stock geometry suspension for years before switching to long travel. They allow good articulation and limit body roll.

I have been using the Halo Electronic sway bar for over a year now and it works well. @SuperATV LT Suspension, no front sway bar, Halo rear sway bar, ST Stage 4 RIS. I could drive up and over the RTI ramp ;)

Got flex :cool:
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That's awesome. I just have a tighter budget right now but want to improve ride quality. Or I would get a full setup WE links
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