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ok just to help clear some things up...i have seen alot of post on oil loss and not alot of clear answers so here is some help.

1. synthetic oil does not smoke when it burns...alot of you say well i use alot of oil but it doesnt smoke....it wont!!!!

2. possable causes of high oil use.

to much crank case pressure ....poss causes...bad rings, cracked worn pistons, pluged crankcase breather

valve seals bad/worn also valve guids worn...this lets oil past seals and gets past valves and burns

oil leaks...drain plug no copper gaskit or striped....bad gaskets..cracks in case

long high speed runs...this pumps alot of oil in the top end and can get pushed out breather or past valve seals.

their is alot more that could cause this but this might help some with a idea of were to look.

a good place to start is a visule inspection look for leaks...next a comp and leak down will if done corectly will pinpont the problem...

then the big bottom line a top end rebuild is only as good as the skills and parts used if done wrong it could be worse than it was befor.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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