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AMSOIL AFF0W40 What you think

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Hi guys

I will do an oil change on my RZR and I choose this synthetic AMSOIL oil plus a KN filter.
it meets the specs from Polaris so I should not have a problem, right?

just thought I'd share with the group in case anybody had a bad exeperience
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I've used Amsoil in my RZR for 3000 miles and 160 hours (all year round AZ weather) with no problems. I change it every 50 hours and it looks good coming out.

As for higher weight for hotter climates, I don't do that unless it states it in the manual for any vehicle I own. I don't do it mainly because of small orifices that may not be designed to flow thicker oil, therefore starving some engine areas of oil.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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