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a wheel question

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I am looking for a spare tire for my rzr S.

Thinking about getting an aluminum wheel to save weight.

Will a 12 X 7 4/156 4" wheel fit on front and back?

I have the stock wheels now.


Any other comments regarding spare tires is appreciated! Doesnt seem like the 4m suppliers have any standard advertised packages, when it comes to spare tires. Or maybe I just missed them.
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I have never carried a spare ,just a compressor and a tire repair kit ,over 7000 miles ,never needed one .jmho
I've got a repair kit and compressor, but was thinking if I could find a cheap spare, than maybe I'd carry it on the rzr.
by the time you get the spare and mount, one is pushing close to 350 dollars.

somebody said get your wallet out when you buy your rzr, and now I know why!:scared2:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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