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I have a 2012 RZR 570. So i took apart the front diff and replaced the bearings. The 4 wheel drive now only works in reverse.

I am going to pull it out and take it apart to see if I did something wrong. I did have the shop manual and was careful but I might have screwed up.

I have been reading other post and thinking the cage maybe cracked or the armature plate is either installed upside down or wrapped.

I have one question before I take it all apart. Is it safe to assume that this is not an electrical problem?

Front wheels turn/spin in reverse but not in forward which means the diff is getting the electrical single to engage the front drive.

The gauge light shows that 4x4 is on in both forward and reverse.

But does the gear selection have anything to do with sending the electrical single to the diff?

Going to check with the volt meter but thought I would ask here too.

I know that the rear wheels need to spin faster than the front to engage 4 wheel drive.

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