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3" CATVOS Lift Installed Today!!

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Well I just happened to be working on a rig down the road from CATVOS and stopped in to check out there place. Talked to Steve for about 30 minutes....super nice guy! He showed me some HID's, some stereo stuff and we talked about the SuperATV Rhino axles. He had some good stuff to say about them......said they work great on certain applications, others not so much. Said they were having good luck with them. Anywho ended up picking up a 3" lift from him and put it on today. Took a couple hours, prolly less if I was drinking beer too. Lift went on great but I think that the spacer that goes between the front brackets in the middle was too long. It worked but bent the bracket when I tightened everything down. No biggy I can always pull it out and replace it later. OR.....maybe it was made that way to bend it and add rigidity....who knows. Had to use a ratched strap on the front brackets to suck the shocks up some. Anyway went from 14.75" in the front to 17.75". In the back (under hitch) went from 13" to 14.75". All of these measurements are at the 3" setting. Here is a finished pic.


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Looks good. My neighbors sits 14" in the front and almost 15" in the back with super ATV +5 and rokteck 3" lift. He is just running 26" bighorns. It really does seem tall compared to stock. His kid can't get in it anymore with out help lol
LoL.. Wish I had known this.. Oh well atleast mine was cheaper.. I just had a post over in the suspenion forum asking for a different kind of lift. Cause all the ones I seen move the mounts over and up.. This one looks like it just moves them over.. The brackets look alot like the ones I made. http://www.rzrforums.net/suspension/36648-different-lift.html
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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