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EDIT 9/16/21: If the price is too steep for you I can put the stock seats, wheels/tires, and trailing arms back on. Message me to discuss.
EDIT 9/23/21 SOLD

Selling my '21 Turbo S (72" wide) with 341 miles on it. I have really enjoyed this machine and it's the best SXS I've ever driven as far as ride quality and stability. This is my second machine with Dynamix and it is awesome! If you haven't experienced it while on the trail it will blow your mind. Adjusting your suspension on the fly is game changing. I have done a good bit of modifications to make it more safe and capable on the trail. This is ready to take out and have fun safely. I have put in the time and you can just go enjoy it. I haven't gone cheap here. I'd rather spend more money for quality parts where it counts than the other way. I am selling it with a lot of the stock parts and also the original set of wheels and tires that have one ride on them. Plenty of tread and a good spare set just in case. Here is a list of the parts I've added:

Gatekeeper Designs 6" drop cage with Glass Windshield by Bryan Smith (Never installed)
H-Craft High Clearance Trailing Arms
Trail Armor Full Skid Plate
PRP GT3 Seats
STI HD9 15" Beadlocks
32" Crawlers
Super ATV Gusset Plate
Super ATV 3500 Winch with a Custom Splice rope
Kryptonite Ball Joints
RZR Aid Tender Springs
Shock Therapy Front Limit Straps
Ryfab 16" Box
RAM Mount in cab for tablet
Assault Fire Extinguisher w/ Mount
Roof Light Bar
Rock Lights
Pod Lights

I am selling because we are looking for a new house. Sheffield Financial has the title. Easy process to complete the sale. Done it before. Let me know if you have any questions. I will link a few videos below of it running and walk-around. 850-776-5705

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