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2021 Pro Xp Ultimate with an included warranty through July 2025. Very well maintained and broken in properly. I believe there's no sales tax for this on the secondary market but your state may vary. I really love this car but work dictates me moving to a state with essentially no riding, so unfortunately it makes no sense to move it with me. I tried to put money into important things like safety, comfort, and vehicle longevity. This is a good amount of car for the money imo!!!

Stock Pro XP details include Ride Command touch display w/ gps, dynamix live valve fox shocks, Rockford fosgate stereo system, LED lighting, and much more.

Aftermarket add-ons include:

(5) 32x10x15 BFG KM3's on Method MR409 Bead Grip wheels.

BCF - Brick City Fabrication color matched roll cage w/ bead rolled aluminum roof, removable intrusion bar, whip tabs with 5150 quick disconnect mounts, light bar tabs and internal wiring with included RC Black series 40" light, chase light bar tabs with included chase light, recessed mirror bungs with included rearview Axis Alloys mirror and Billet Equiped side mirrors.

BCF gas shock spare tire carrier/trunk enclosure with an included Simpson tire Y-strap all hiding a ProArmor bed storage bag and ProArmor cooler bag made to fit the trunk area perfectly.

PRP GT3 Suspension seats custom ordered to match the cars aesthetic as well as possible. These are unbelievably comfortable.

PRP 5 point harnesses, wrist restraints, and center console storage bag.

Polaris full inner door panels with arm rests.

Rugged Radios M3 two person air pumper with variable controller for breathing clean air. This may be my favorite addition.

Rugged Radios two person digital mobile radio for car to car communication, and an in car person to person intercom kit for speaking to your passenger, listening to music, taking phone calls etc

Assault Industries overhead roof mount for rugged radios.

S&B Filters Particle Seperator to keep the engine running clean.

Fourwerx carbon fiber surround for the shifter area.

Kemimoto carbon surrounds for the steering wheel controls and Ride Command screen.

Billet Equipped MX grip shifter knob.

Wolfsnout heat shield for the center tunnel to keep the footwells cooler in warm weather.

Spring Brake Thingy emergency brake.

Spare Polaris brand belt. Thankfully I haven't had to change one yet.