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2018 RS1 23 miles and has never seen dirt

Bought a 2018 for my son a few months ago. It has 23 hours from driving a little on our street now and then but has NEVER been off pavement. He would rather have a car (turning 16 in 1 month). I also have an xp1000 but am not selling that. here is everything I have done to it:
custom cage, extreme front bumper, viper elite 4500# winch, 32" blackwaters, 15" beadlocks, Houser racing tree kickers, houser racing rear high clearance radius rods, houser racing high clearance front a arms, double OTT smoked upper doors, drivers side mirror, PRP door bag, polaris floor plugs, PRP harness, custom air intake, interior lights, LED front cube lights, windshield, Mudd Buster extended fender flares. Some of the pictures are prior to me installing some of what I mentioned above. My son laid it on its side in the driveway the day we got it so there are 2 scrapes on the drivers side front and rear panels (only cosmetic) and it had 2 small scrapes on the cage that i simply sprayed over. We have a turn around in our driveway and he simply turned the wheel too quick and did a slow tip over. I have the cert of origin and singed the back. I have not gone to put an OHIO title in my name as of yet but could if the new owner wants to pay taxes as well or you could sign the offroad title over to your name and save some $$$. Either way. It literally is sitting in my garage and has NEVER seen dirt. Possibly willing to do partial trades as well as cash. Need to get $15,500 out of it (have WAY more in it than that). I am located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Willing to drive a little bit to help deliver. PM me for my number or email.
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