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I've only had this RZR 8 months and the majority of the time I spent installing these upgrades. I was very particular and OCD (which doesn't surprise anyone knowing my degree) in the sense that everything had to be installed perfect (wires oversized, protected by split loom, heat shrink at end connections, double insulated wire, fuse panel, vibration taken into account, etc). This RZR is absolutely amazing and I don't mind the least bit keeping it, but I have some friends that like to ride with me and I'm thinking a 4 seater might work out better. Basically everything I did on this unit will be repeated on the 4 seater. I'm also extremely busy with my current 2019 Polaris Ranger project so I really don't have time to ride the RZR. I figure now is a good time to sell the RZR. Ughh....these things are so addicting. I have right at $32k invested ($22.5k for RZR and ~$10k in accessories) in this unit and 60 hrs of labor. Unit has about 45 hrs and 600 miles on it. RZR has been taken care of, kept indoors and just used for trail riding. The comfort setting on the Dynamix system is what I like for a soft ride. Break in was done (again I am OCD) for the first 2 fuel tanks where throttle was varied, no max throttle, no aggressive braking to allow engine and brake system to break in. Then the break in oil change was done. This unit is absolutely amazing and in perfect condition. I don't mud, jump or rock crawl. I just like going to Arkansas and riding the roads and trails. I also have a brand new set of paddle tires (Polaris part #2881366) so I could take the RZR out to Little Sahara, but just haven't had time. My preference is to keep them for the 4 seater, but I might be willing to work them into a deal on this unit if it helps.

1. Polaris Front Arm Guards. The OEM small flat metal clips that hold these on were not strong enough so I engineered some better ones with vibration/sound isolation. The stock A arm guards are a joke.
2. Polaris Aluminum Doors with graphics!!! Pricey, but they look amazing. Aligning the graphics on these doors and pressing them on without any bubbles was almost impossible, but I got it done and they look amazing.
3. Polaris Floor mats to make for easy cleaning.
4. Polaris Horn
5. Polaris Front Red Bumper
6. Polaris Rear Red Bumper
7. Polaris Red Rock Sliders. I don't rock crawl, but these just looked too good.
8. Polaris Rear Poly Windshield
9. Polaris 4500lb Polaris Winch
10. Polaris Driver and Passenger 6 point harnesses with retractable straps.
11. ProBoxTop. Fiberglass reinforced roof with Bluetooth stereo, front LED bar light, rear LED bar light, LED interior light. This is my absolute favorite accessory!!!! I bought one on my previous RZR, one for this RZR and I will be buying another one for the next RZR.
12. Laser Belt Temperature gauge mounted on top of dash. Looks amazing. Reads temp instantaneous and has a green/yellow/red LED to let you know the immediate status of belt temp. It also lets you know average and max belt temps for the current trip. If you're driving around in high gear and should be in low gear, this gauge will let you know immediately.
13. Seizmik Side Mirrors with Red inserts
14. This RZR has a brand new set of Pro Armor 32" Crawler XGs on aluminum rims. Yes you heard me correct. Brand new. The tires still have the rubber needles still sticking out of them. I didn't like the 3 ply bighorn tires that come on these RZRs and they had high vibration on hard pack trail surfaces. I had a flat on my first outing and wasn't a very happy camper. The Crawlers are 8 ply. I'm dying to take the unit out and try them, but I figured I'd keep them brand new to help sell the unit.
15. Pawluckter parking brake installed. You don't want the transmission shifting out of park on an incline. It's not so much that these transmissions do that, it's more because we thought we shifted to park but didn't push the level all the way.
16. Ryfab Folding Glass Windshield. This is my 2nd favorite accessory. Perfect for hot and cold weather. Doesn't scratch like poly and can be replaced easily if it ever did break. Bottom portion of windshield tilts to allow air into cab. I originally had the Polaris glass windshield and although I do love how the glass is the largest, the windshield cracked right next to the mounting bolts. These bolts put stress on the glass by bending it. The Ryfab windshield floats. Also the Polaris windshield had no venting or tilting and taking it off and on wasn't a good idea. One of the many lessons I learned installing accessories on numerous RZRs over the years.
17. Simpson Seats with heated seats (yes this isn't a mistype) on both driver and passenger side. They get hot quick. Since I special ordered these seats I asked myself what else might be a good idea to also order.....hmmmm.....spare parts!! I figured the bottom portion of the seats wear out sooner vs the backs so I ordered a set of spare seat covers. I also ordered a 3rd set of seat covers with a center hole if I decided to change seat belts.
18. Battery disconnect switch. This was installed to keep battery from possibly draining during storage and also to make it easier/safer to work on electrical. The switch is mounted between the seat for easy reach. Also if you were in a wreck you'd want to quickly isolate the battery.
19. CREE 14" light bar on front bumper wired to rocker switch on dash.
20. All electrical accessories are wired to an independent fuse panel that is only energized by key. The helps ensure if something is left on that it will not drain battery. The fuse panel is located immediately under the dash and has a LED light to let you know which fuse is blown if any.
21. PRP door bags so each person has their own storage and the knee pad is awesome for protection and comfort.
22. TEK208 Aluminum quick release fire extinguisher holder clamp. I originally purchased the Polaris OEM fire extinguisher mount, but was not very happy with the quality and it rattled a lot. The TEK208 is billet aluminum, rock solid and doesn't rattle.
23. ISOTA rear storage box painted matching red. Very pricey, but the best RZR box made. Check for forums for reviews!! I also (which shouldn't surprise you) have the matching ISOTA storage box top with integrated spare tire mount with spare tire!
24. Brand new spare OEM belt and air filters.
25. Battery charging cable that is easily accessible by driver's door. Makes charging the battery much easier.

I don't doubt I left some items out. This RZR is loaded and in amazing condition!!!


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