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We have just received the final 2015 rules for the Thunderhawk UTV racing classes at Rolling W Ranch. The rules listed on the Rolling W Ranch website are from last year, but we do have the complete 2015 rules posted on Thunderhawk's website - Click here to see the 2015 rules.

There are three UTV classes with a year-end points championship. The classes are "stock", "modified" and "power-adder". The "stock" class is for stock UTV's, but all common accessories are allowed (no performance-enhancing engine or suspension changes). The "modified" class allows engine and suspension changes, along with common accessories. The "power-adder" class is for turbos. Although it would make sense to separate each class further by engine displacement, separate classes cannot be justified based on current racer participation. This class structure will be reviewed for 2016, based on the actual UTV turn-out this year. We hope to expand the classes for 2016.

Let's be honest, we do not want to create yet another semi-pro UTV race that requires tons of money to participate. Thunderhawk Performance is sponsoring the races at Rolling W Ranch to encourage regular trail-riders to bring all their riding-buddies and have some fun at the race track. In that vein, we would like to encourage all UTV's to come out and race, even if you are running a smaller (570, 700 or 800) engine. If enough of you guys show up, Thunderhawk would be glad to throw some gifts out for best-finish within your class at that race. Plus, your participation this year will help us to expand the racing classes for 2016.
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