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The wife just had to have an XP ...

Step A:
Do your research for what you consider a smokin price OTD. Call Art Wood at Berts Mega Mall in CA on his mobile 951-318-0906 or at the office. Others on this forum have bought through him so search and you will see the good feedback ... I have no relationship with him/Berts. He will shoot straight with you and within a 5 minute conversation you will have an insane price locked in no haggling. Go ahead, waste your time haggling with other local dealers as most do and I did just to ensure it really was too good to be true :rofl3:. Sure ... go ahead and ask for a 2013 like I did in any color/type even when nobody has one and only wants to dump a year old RZR on you ... Art doesnt care, still insane price and will call rep and have one in the supply chain diverted to him since you already bought it and it shows up the next day. Is CA out of state? Didnt matter for me in AZ ... Art has some connections to get it delivered cheaper than the gas to drive there. Now really, how is that for service !!!! Art is the man ...

Step B:
Unload it. This is the 3rd RZR I have had delivered on a Semi (KY, TX, now CA to AZ)!!! No issues and helps get the best total price by not limiting where you buy from. Kind of fun experience too. Was a little interesting getting it out of a box trailer for the first time but easy to get creative with common :tools1:

Step C:
Look honey ... I bought you a convertible!!!

Why have the cage and seats assembled when they are coming out anyways ... Art didnt even charge me extra to have them unbolted :shhh:

What the !!!! ... didnt realize got the monster truck option either ... why is the bed as high as my cage top LOL

Step D:
Max out all the credit cards for our 3rd RZR build :scared2:...
Twisted Alloy custom cage
DragonFire LoBoy Doors
Hiper wheels
Twisted Stitch seatch
Custom Simpson harnesses
Momo wheel and shifter
Axia Alloy mirrors
etc., etc. etc.

Step E:
Will someone please buy the RC51 ... I am out of room in the garage and broke LOL.

Creative storage angles ... XP hardly visibile in rear:

More to come ...

P.S. I am sure it will be slow due to the wet sump and extreme G forces poor lubrication it will see. I dont think the Hayabusa, RC51, R1, GSXR, etc. etc. wet sump engine is worthy either. :popcorn:

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Hey Jeff ... not going to make the sand show this year.
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