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Been lurking around the forums here for the past month deciding on what to buy and picked myself up a 2012 RZR S LE. So far the only add on I put on is a 4000 lbs Viper winch.

I just ordered the front bumper, rear bumper/roll cage extention with spare tire mount and roof and will be installing them tommorow. Havent touched the shocks since I got it and they are set they way the machine came from the dealer.

So far only have 70 miles on it and it seems to ride nice the way it is.
Just wondering with the extra weight of these items if I should be adjusting the fox podiums a little stiffer to adjust to the extra weight and if so what would you guys recommend. Also by setting the shocks a little stiffer would i be getting a little more ground clearance?

I live in Northern Ontario and ride mostly on old logging road that arent too rough and atv\snowmachine trails that are somewhat muddy and rough at times. Just looking to have a decent ride all around. Any help would be appreciated.
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